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A good navigator helps ensure a successful journey. As you get to know OCTRI and plan your own research activities, we invite you to call upon our Clinical Research Navigator for assistance. 

Who can benefit from talking to an OCTRI Clinical Research Navigator?

  • Investigators looking for people conducting similar research at OHSU. 

  • Research staff looking for training opportunities. 

  • New investigators at OHSU who would like a general orientation to available research resources. 

  • Study coordinators looking for assistance with general research navigation at OHSU. 

What kinds of issues can a Clinical Research Navigator help with?

  • Questions about OCTRI services or planning and implementation of studies using OCTRI resources. 
  • Questions about research operations, study logistics or study planning and implementation such as:
  • Assistance in determining what forms are required to start a study. 
  • How to find out if the population for your study exists in sufficient numbers for your study. 
  • How to coordinate activities that need to be conducted at study visits. 
  • How to order research supplies. 
  • What office(s) to work with to start your study. 

How to request OCTRI services

Watch this brief video to learn more about how a Clinical Research Navigator can connect you to the breadth of OCTRI’s services. After watching the video, you can find our Resource Request Form here. 

Helping you connect to the Clinical Research Development Team

Is your project in development or ready for implementation? Could you use some assistance in identifying strategies to overcome barriers? The Clinical Research Development Team is available to meet with investigators and help identify operational best practices, find tools and connections that may help in streamlining their project and provide overall advice to help guide the project. 

The Clinical Research Navigator can give you more information about working — and scheduling a meeting—with this team. Check out the video below for a quick overview of what it’s like to work with the Clinical Research Development Team.

Navigator icon that is a blue avatar with long hair, glasses, and a blue sweater

Ready to discuss your needs? 

Contact an OCTRI Navigator for guidance and support. 


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