OCTRI Research Forum: Your Monthly Clinical and Translational Research Event

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Join us each month as we address all things clinical and translational research.  We’ll cover issues and solutions to common obstacles in conducting clinical and translational research.

  • Enhance your career in clinical and translational research
  • Gain practical skills in conducting successful research studies
  • Connect with faculty and study staff who share a commitment to translational research
  • Acquire knowledge that directly supports research and expands your collaboration opportunities

Do you have a clinical or translational research question or problem? Let us know and we’ll do our best to help during upcoming events! Please submit questions and topic requests to octri@ohsu.edu or call 503-418-9790.

Upcoming seminars

OCTRI offers this seminar series at no cost to researchers at OHSU. Seminars are divided into those of general interest and those offered by the Biostatistics, Epidemiology, & Research Design (BERD) Program.  You can review upcoming seminars in the accordions below.  Compass registration is required for BERD seminars and is encouraged, but not required, for other seminars.

Past seminars

Slides and course materials from all seminars are available in the accordions below.  A complete list of video recordings are available via the public OCTRI Research Forum Echo 360 channel. 

Mentored Career Development Awards (K Awards):
Overview, Which one is for you? (Part 1), Writing Tips (Part 2)

11/12/2020 Overview Slides 
11/21/2019 (Part 1) Slides
12/16/2019 (Part 2) Slides

Electronic Consent 
2/18/2020 and 2/24/2020 Slides

Optimizing your Biosketch for Reviewers
1/23/2020 Slides

Assessing Study Feasibility
12/12/2019 Handout  Slides

Recruitment Planning: The Foundation for Clinical Trials and Grant Development
5/23/2019 Slides

Study Inclusion/Exclusion Criteria: Scientific Ideals vs Real World
4/18/2019 Slides

Medical Record Recruitment Tools 
2/26/2019 Slides

Clinicaltrials.gov - Registration (Part 1), Maintenance and Results Reporting (Part 2)
12/13/2018 (Part 1) Slides   Investigator Help Sheet
1/17/2019 (Part 2) Slides

    Turning a Research Proposal into a Protocol 
    5/28/2015 Slides

    Including Special Populations in Your Research
    4/28/2015 Slides

    Survey Design and Tools
    1/26/2015 (Part 1) Slides
    3/12/2015 (Part 2) Slides

                  Creating a Budget for Individual Research 
                  2/24/2015 Slides

                    Anti-racism in Data and Analysis: Can Data Be Racist?
                    11/10/2020  Discussion article, Intro video, Slides

                    RStudio Connect
                    10/15/2020  Slides 

                    R and RStudio: Introduction to R and RStudio
                    2/19/2020  Slides, Resources, and Exercises

                    R and RStudio: Reproducible Reports with R Markdown
                    9/26/2019 Slides, Resources, and Exercises

                    R and RStudio: Data Wrangling in R (Parts I and II)
                    5/16/2019 & 5/23/2019 Slides, Resources, and Exercises   

                    R and RStudio: Data Visualization with R and ggplot2 
                    3/4/2020 Slides, Resources, and Exercises

                    Power and Sample Size Considerations
                    5/29/2019  Slides 

                    Meet your Data where it Lives: Scraping the Web
                    4/3/2019  Slides and Resources 

                    The Command Line Without Tears: Using Exacloud for Large Datasets and Annoying Tasks (Parts I and II)
                    1/9/2019 & 1/16/2019  Slides and Resources

                    Understanding and Interpreting Regression Analysis
                    11/28/2018  Slides 

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