Training and Education for Clinical Research Staff

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What is this page?

OHSU’s clinical research workforce plays a vital role in supporting the OHSU research mission.  Clinical research staff will need to complete various trainings depending on the research activities they have been assigned. This page summarizes the trainings that OCTRI provides and trainings provided by others at OHSU, as well as information and networking opportunities. 

How to find the training you need

Clinical research staff can use this webpage and the Clinical Research Training Checklist to find the trainings you need.  

In person training

OCTRI offers in-person training sessions for clinical research staff in the format of workshops, seminars, and courses. These classes are in high demand, so please do not register unless you plan on attending in person. Workshops are recorded and available in Compass for those who cannot attend in person.

Study Coordinator Training Series

This series provides in-depth education through lecture, examples, and exercises. Topics include:

  • Clinical Research Coordinator Workshop
  • Essential Regulatory and Source Documents
  • Writing and Obtaining Informed Consent
  • Navigating Monitoring Visits and Audits for Clinical Trials
  • Analyzing and Implementing a Research Protocol 
  • Assessing Study Feasibility and Study Start-up

Check for upcoming sessions and register in Compass.

CTRC Phlebotomy Course

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The OCTRI Clinical and Translational Research Center (CTRC) offers an in person phlebotomy course for research staff.  

Use the Phlebotomy Training Registration Form to sign up for the next available classes. 

Live online classes and seminars

OCTRI Research Forum

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This series cover issues and solutions to common obstacles in conducting clinical and translational research.  OCTRI Research Forums are announced in the CRU Newsletter and Research News. You can look for upcoming topics on the OCTRI Research Forum webpage or by searching “ORF” in Compass

OCTRI Research Forum seminars are recorded and are available for viewing at any time.  Visit Past Seminars on OCTRI Research Forum webpage for the links to recordings. 

REDCap Trainings

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REDCap (Research Electronic Data Capture) is a secure, web-based, electronic data collection system.  OHSU research personnel build and manage their own REDCap projects with guidance from the REDCap team. 

Cohort Discovery

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Cohort Discovery is a web-based tool that allows OHSU researchers to discover patient cohort counts from Epic data for preparatory to research purposes. The OCTRI Cohort Discovery Training course is required to gain access to the Cohort Discovery tool.

On-demand training

The following classes are available to take online at your convenience. More classes are in development, so watch for training announcements and check back periodically for new offerings. 

OHSU Research Pharmacy How We Work: Policies, Tools, and Contacts

The objective of this course is to train OHSU researchers about working with OHSU Research Pharmacy. This course covers the services offered by RPS, how drug inventory is managed, and electronic medication orders 
Review details and access the course in Compass.

Research Subject Injuries: Identification and Reporting at OHSU

This training introduces the topics of subject injuries, ethical positions, informed consent language, and clinical billing for research injuries. 
Review details and access the course in Compass.

GCP and OHSU Research Documentation Standards

This training provides an overview of International Council on Harmonization Good Clinical Practice research documentation standards and OHSU research documentation policies.
Review details and access the course in Compass.
Handout: GCP and OHSU Research Documentation Standards eLearning (referenced in the training)

Oregon Genetic Privacy Law and Genetic and Tissue Opt Out at OHSU

This course informs OHSU investigators and study staff about the Oregon Genetic Privacy Law, how to comply with the IRB, and genetic opt out and tissue based research opt out requirements at OHSU. 
Review details and access the course.

Recognizing Coded and De-identified Data

This 10-minute training focuses on understanding the difference among the terms codedde-identified and anonymous, in reference to research data. 
Review details and access the course.

Compliance and operational training for clinical research at OHSU

Some of the trainings outlined below will be required or recommended, depending on your role. Please consult the Clinical Research Training Checklist above and your manager to determine which trainings are necessary for you.

Logo for the CITI Program.

In compliance with federal regulation and OHSU institutional policy, all investigators, research staff, and other relevant personnel must complete Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI) trainings.  See the CITI Program webpage to determine which of the following CITI courses you are required to complete: 

  • Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR)
  • Human Subjects Research (HSR)
  • Good Clinical Practice
  • Other Classes/Webinars

*Additional Clinical Research Courses and Webinars have been added to our CITI training options.  Select Other Classes/Webinars and the following options will also be available:

  • Good Laboratory Practices
  • Protocol Registration and Results Summary Disclosure in
  • Clinical Trial Billing Compliance (CTBC)
  • Protocol Development and Execution: Beyond a Concept
  • All Access Webinar Package**

**Selecting the All Access Webinar Package will bring you to over 200 webinars covering a variety of current clinical research topics.  

Icon of a laptop with the words "IRB Online Training" underneath.

The OHSU Institutional Review Board (IRB) has online training materials and offers a monthly IRB Lunch and Learn (register in Compass).  Previous IRB Lunch and Learn recordings can be found in the Education Archive on the OHSU Integrity IRB Education and Event O2 page.  

IRB 101 Training Modules


eCRIS (electronic Clinical Research Information System) is the OHSU clinical trials management system used for administrative management of clinical research studies.  The eCRIS webpage includes the user manual, flow chart, and login information.

Contact to request initial training, refresher training, and ongoing questions/support.  

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Research Administration Training and Education (RATE) offers research administration training courses, opportunities to share resources, and networking with other research administrators and those who work in support of the research mission. Recommended RATE courses for clinical research workforce include: 

  • RDA 101
  • Clinical Trials 1: Budgeting, Coverage Analysis, and Account Set Up
  • Clinical Trials 2: Post Award

Sign up for the Research Administration Information Network (RAIN) to receive invites to monthly meetings and to stay up to date.  

OHSU clinical environment and lab safety trainings

Some clinical research staff are assigned duties in the clinic and or lab.  The Clinical Research Training checklist outlines some of the common trainings based on assigned duties.  You can also explore trainings in Compass.

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The Epic for Research SharePoint site has links to tip sheets, tools, and polices for the use of Epic for research.  The following trainings are available in Compass:

  • Epic Training for Research Staff (virtual – register in Compass)
  • Epic Training Pre-work: EpicCare for Research Staff
  • Research Billing Review Activity (online class in Compass)
scishield logo

SciShield provides web-based training to workforce personnel based on their current job activities and hazards.

Icon of an arm with a turniquette on bicep and needle in mid arm.

The OCTRI Clinical and Translational Research Center (CTRC) offers an in person phlebotomy course for research staff.  

Use the Phlebotomy Training Registration Form to sign up for the next available classes. 

Federal opportunities for clinical research training and education

Several federal organizations offer training and education for the clinical research workforce. Review options below.

NIH logo.

National Institutes of Health (NIH) training opportunities:

  • DIAMOND is a collaborative source of training resources for clinical and translational research professionals
  • NIH Office of Clinical Research Education and Collaboration Outreach Clinical Research Education
US department of health and human services logo.

U.S. Department of Health and Human Service (HHS) training opportunities:

Icon of a government building with four pillars enclosed in a blue circle.

All studies that meet the ICMJE definition of a clinical trial must be registered with prior to the first patient enrolled to preserve your ability to publish the study results. NIH and FDA also require registration and results posting of applicable clinical trials. 

In addition to registration prior to first patient enrollment, there are ongoing maintenance requirements.  Any failure to maintain the registration can jeopardize publication, current and future study funding, contractual obligations, and may incur significant fines.

Review OHSU and federal resources below.

Professional development for the clinical research workforce

OHSU and OCTRI encourage clinical research professionals to engage with one another and to develop their skills via local opportunities and national professional networks. Review opportunities below.

Clinical Research United text to the right of a group of hands all meeting in the middle of a circle. OHSU logo in bottom right corner.

Clinical Research United (CRU) is a place to connect with others doing clinical research at OHSU.

CRU has a Teams channel where you can post questions and share information.

Note pads on a desk next to artisan coffee in a mug. Clinical research coordinator coffee chats.

CRU hosts a monthly, informal Clinical Research Coordinator Coffee Chat for clinical research coordinators and staff to share experiences, discuss best practices, and connect with others doing similar work.

Coffee Chats are every third Tuesday at noon via WebEx. Find details on the O2 calendar by searching "Coffee Chat".

Questions? Email Kitt Swartz.

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The Career and Workplace Enhancement Center (CWE) provides professional development resources. Offerings include anti-racism, conflict coaching, digital literacy courses, and many more topics.  

CWE also offers free courses through LinkedIn Learning

Joining or following a professional organization is a good way to stay up to date on changes in the clinical research field.  The following organizations host trainings, conferences, and webinars.

Logo for SoCRA, the society of clinical research associates.

Registration for the Fall 2023 SOCRA exam is now closed.

OCTRI will be hosting the SOCRA exam again in Fall 2024. Date TBD. Information to help you prepare for the next exam is available below.