Pilot Awards: Where Translation Begins

Project Spotlight: Innovative, robust screening model for diabetic retinopathy

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Dr. Yali Jia developed an innovative screening model for diabetic reteinopathy using deep learning methodology. The model is based on a key biomarker that was tested and validated using OCTRI funding.

Click here to learn more about Dr. Jia's project and outcomes.

Our goal

Each year, OCTRI awards pilot project funding to exceptional clinical and translational research projects. The goal of the Pilot Awards is to foster exciting science and innovation, providing support for preliminary data generation and stimulating the development of translational research.

Our process

Awardees are evaluated throughout their research project based on their reporting of progress and outcomes. This includes the tracking of publications, new grant funding, and commercialization outcomes derived from pilot funding. Most awardees also report qualitatively on project impact and list other forms of results dissemination. Investigator feedback and project outcome data are used to improve program management and guide decisions about future program iterations and initiatives. 

View OCTRI's Innovation Programs and Awards Report 2024 to learn more.

Open funding opportunities

OCTRI KL2 Mentored Career Development Award

  • RFA 
  • Application deadline: July 16th 11:59 p.m.
  • View the KL2 website for more information

Questions? Please contact Melissa Mudd muddm@ohsu.edu

BIP Drug Discovery

  • Apply now! 
  • Award amount: up to $60,000 
  • Through this funding mechanism, OCTRI, and OHSU Innovates, intend to support and accelerate creative, interdisciplinary drug discovery and therapeutic development research at OHSU. Projects will typically be supported for a one-year period. Predetermined milestones and quantitative metrics of success will be evaluated on a regular basis.

Questions? Please contact Jonathan Jubera: jubera@ohsu.edu.

Regulatory Consultation and Assistance Program

  • Apply now!
  • Award amount: up to $7,000
  • OCTRI is accepting applications for funding regulatory consultation services for OHSU investigators. A one-time award of up to $7,000 can be used to hire regulatory consultants to provide an overview of FDA rules and procedures specific to moving your technology or project towards commercialization. 

Questions? Please contact Claudia Nakama: nakama@ohsu.edu

IDEA Gap Funding

  • Apply now! 
  • Applications due quarterly
  • Award amount: up to $40,000
  • For previously disclosed technologies that could benefit from a targeted grant to bridge a critical gap or achieve a significant milestone toward commercialization 

The Innovation Development and Entrepreneurship Acceleration (IDEA) Gap Fund is a partnership between OHSU Innovates and OCTRI.

Questions? Please contact Jonathan Jubera: oce@ohsu.edu .

OCTRI & Business Oregon Phase 0 Program 

  • Apply a minimum of 4 weeks prior to SBIR/STTR due date
  • Award amount: up to $5,000 
  • Receive SBIR/STTR application support for strategy, writing, and business plan development

Questions? Please contact Jonathan Jubera: jubera@ohsu.edu.

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