About OPAM

The Office of Proposal & Award Management (OPAM) supports the OHSU research community by providing pre-award and post-award administration of sponsored proposals and awards. OPAM provides the required institutional approval authority for all non-industry proposals and awards.

OPAM is a 50-persons unit that reports to OHSU's Senior Vice President for Research and is part of Research Development and Administration (RDA), OPAM works hand-in-hand with:

OPAM's support for PIs and staff includes the following:

Providing resource for PI and department staff

  • Provides superior customer service
  • Interprets federal regulations, sponsor guidelines and award terms and conditions
  • Answers pre and post-award questions accurately and timley
  • Acts as a resource for understanding compliance issues

Develop & submit proposal

  • Provides institutional approval for all proposal submissions.
  • Provides follow-up with funding agencies on pending applications.

Negotiate & accept an award

  • Supplies necessary assurances
  • Secures institutional signatures
  • Coordinates formal correspondence with sponsors
  • Negotiates award language
  • Creates, negotiates and finalizes subawards

Aligns OHSU policy and procedures with federal regulations

  • Subrecipient monitoring
  • Single Audit

Management of awards

  • Provides coordination of prior approval requests
  • Oversees expenditures of sponsored funds
  • Requests and applies payment from a sponsors
  • Processes subaward invoices

Report on & close out an award

  • Provides fiscal reports to sponsor
  • Performs close-out of awards with sponsors
  • Coordinates award relinquishments