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We have developed language that can be used in reporting or grant funding proposals to describe the OHSU Library and its collections and services.  The Library can also provide additional information based on your specific application needs.  Please use our Contact Form or email us at to get assistance with customized language.  Additional statistics about the use of the OHSU Library are available in the OHSU Factbook.

Library Description, Academic Focus

OHSU Library provides students with extensive online and print resources, as well as expert library staff support. Students can access the OHSU Library’s online resources 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from any location by authenticating with their OHSU accounts—this includes searching their literature in any of our 130 databases which are linked to more than 32,000 journal subscriptions and 227,000 online books licensed or owned by OHSU. Wherever possible, the Library purchases at least one online or print copy of all textbooks recommended and required for OHSU courses. OHSU also has over 86,000 print books, engages in communal borrowing with regional academic libraries as part of the Orbis Cascade Alliance, and participates in global interlibrary loan networks. Items not available online are available at no charge via the Library’s Get It for Me service which delivers articles and chapters via email within 1-2 business days. The Library’s Education, Research and Clinical Outreach librarians support student learning through consultations and addressing questions about searching, information and citation management, and critically appraising the literature. The Library also provides 24-hour technology-enabled spaces, access to printing, and lending of equipment to facilitate student knowledge creation and sharing..

Proposal Boilerplate

The OHSU Library is the largest health sciences library in Oregon. Guided by its mission to advance the effective, efficient and ethical use of information in support of education, research and healthcare, the Library serves OHSU faculty, staff and students, as well as health professionals and residents of the State of Oregon and surrounding areas. The Library’s collections include over 130 databases, 32,162 journals, 227,785 electronic books, and 86,126 print books.  Learning from primary source materials is facilitated by our physical and virtual historical collections, which includes 3,200 linear feet of physical material, 7 TB of digital files, 4,000 rare books and nearly 3,000 health sciences artifacts. Students, faculty and staff can access the OHSU Library’s online resources 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from any location. Additionally, through a partnership with the Oregon Medical Board, the Library provides Oregon-licensed health providers with access to a selection of online health books, as well as an article delivery service for Oregon-licensed physicians.

Library staff provide virtual and on-site services in support of teaching, research, patient care and consumer health. The OHSU Library partners with the Isabel MacDonald Library at the Oregon National Primate Research Center to serve the West Campus. Primary contact librarians coordinate outreach to and the Library’s team-based support of OHSU academic programs, residencies and fellowships, clinical departments, centers and institutes to support the effective use of library expertise and resources. Computing services include workstations for OHSU members to access statistical, qualitative research, reference management, and design software programs, and public computers available to unaffiliated users for health information needs. As a member of the Network of the National Library of Medicine/Pacific Northwest Region and the Orbis Cascade Alliance of academic libraries across Oregon, Washington, and Idaho, OHSU Library collaborates to positively impact health and education through access to quality information throughout our region.