Education and Implementation Science

High School Curriculum

This project is a prospective study testing effects on knowledge acquisition and attitude change in Oregon high school students following a tailored interactive melanoma early detection curriculum. The project is led by Dr. Leachman in collaboration with a talented and dedicated group of OHSU Medical Students, who are coordinating with instructional designers, statisticians and schools throughout Oregon to develop, implement and analyze the results of the program.

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Primary Care Curriculum

The objective of this project is to implement a novel, online education and resource toolkit for Primary Care Physicians (PCPs) in rural areas. The toolkit will allow learners to identify high-risk patients for screening, recognize suspicious lesions through visual identification and biopsy, and educate patients to be empowered to check their own skin and report changes or warning signs. Dr. Leachman and colleagues also seek to understand the rate of uptake and impact of the toolkit content into PCP practice through a research study conducted at OHSU.

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Professionals Curriculum

Dr. Leachman’s team previously collaborated with the IMPACT Melanoma Foundation to implement a curriculum for licensed professionals who see skin on a daily basis (e.g., massage therapists, hairdressers, athletic trainers, etc.). The Oregon Health Authority has approved this curriculum for continuing education and partnered with Dr. Leachman’s team to disseminate the curriculum. Pre- and post-participation surveys assess the learner’s knowledge and confidence, and interactive scenario-based education models the correct way to communicate with clients without breaching scope of practice. Provided materials connect clients with information to make a medical appointment.

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