Vaccines and Booster Doses at OHSU Pharmacies: Make an Appointment

Photo of a person at the Center for Health & Healing Pharmacy window

OHSU pharmacies offer:

  • COVID-19 vaccines for ages 12 and older
  • Updated bivalent (two-part) booster doses for ages 12 and older: Due to a shortage, OHSU has limited appointments for bivalent boosters. We will open more appointments as more boosters become available.
  • Flu vaccines

Scroll down to see which vaccines are available where or to check by pharmacy location

Call for help or with questions: 833-647-8222. 

Make an appointment for a vaccine or booster

You can make an appointment for yourself or your child ages 12-14. Appointments are available for:

  • A first or second dose of the Pfizer vaccine (ages 12+)
  • An updated bivalent (two-part) booster (ages 12+)

In the online scheduling tool, if you don’t have a MyChart account:

  • Select the “Continue as a Guest” pathway.
  • After you make your appointment, click or tap “SIGN UP NOW” to create an account. Having a MyChart account will speed your vaccination. Limited on-site registration will also be available.
  • Ages 12-14: A parent/guardian must make the appointment, and must come to the vaccination or send signed, written permission.

Please contact your provider or call 833-647-8222 before scheduling a booster if you answer “yes” to any of the following:

  • Has the person getting the dose been treated with a COVID-19 monoclonal antibody or convalescent plasma in the last 90 days?
  • Has the person getting the dose ever had an immediate allergic reaction — severe or not — to polysorbate?
  • Has the person getting the dose ever had an immediate allergic reaction to any other vaccine?
  • Does the person getting the dose have a history of anaphylaxis from any cause?

Terms and conditions

By scheduling a vaccine appointment with OHSU through this website, you, on your own behalf or on behalf of another individual receiving the vaccine from OHSU (e.g., your minor child or other person for whom you act as health care representative), agree to the following:

  • To receive a COVID vaccine from OHSU health care professionals, students, volunteers or agents.
  • If you have health insurance or health benefit coverage, OHSU may bill and collect reimbursement from your health insurance or health benefits plan for the COVID vaccine OHSU provides to you or the individual you represent.
  • OHSU may collect, maintain and use personal and health information about you (or the individual you represent) as necessary to provide and bill for the COVID vaccine and satisfy state and federal regulations. OHSU’s Notice of Privacy Practices (“NPP”) explains our obligations regarding your information. You can view or download a copy of the NPP here.
  • You agree to receive communications regarding your care through various methods including mail, telephone, OHSU MyChart, email and manual or auto-dialing voicemail messages and text messages using the contact information that you give us.
  • You understand that you will receive an email confirming your first name, appointment date, time and location after you schedule an appointment through this website. You understand that email and text messaging is not secure or encrypted and may contain confidential information. You understand that you may avoid receiving this detailed appointment confirmation email by calling to schedule your vaccine appointment using the number below.

Vaccines for these appointments

Mixing and matching is allowed for ages 18 and older. If you don't find an appointment, you can use the CDC's VaccineFinder.

Pharmacies in these locations have Pfizer, Novavax and flu vaccines:

  • Physicians Pavilion

Pharmacies in these locations have Pfizer and flu vaccines:

  • Center for Health & Healing Building 1
  • Center for Health & Healing Building 2
  • OHSU Pharmacy at Tuality (Hillsboro)
  • OHSU Pharmacy at Adventist (East Portland)
  • OHSU Pharmacy Beaverton Clinics
  • Gabriel Park

Pharmacy locations

All pharmacies are indoor sites.

Physicians Pavilion

3270 S.W. Pavilion Loop, first floor
Portland, OR 97239
Map and directions

Vaccines: Pfizer, Novavax

Parking: Find free parking in Parking Garage B in the Physicians Pavilion. Public transportation is available, but the Portland Aerial Tram is closed on Sundays.

Center for Health & Healing Building 1

3303 S. Bond Ave., Room 1150
Portland, OR 97239
Map and directions

Vaccines: Pfizer

Parking: Find free parking in the Center for Health & Healing Parking Garage.

Center for Health & Healing Building 2

3485 S. Bond Ave., Room 1090
Portland, OR 97239
Map and directions

Vaccines: Pfizer

Parking: Find free parking in the Center for Health & Healing Parking Garage.

Gabriel Park (Southwest Portland)

4411 S. Vermont St.
Portland, OR 97219
Map and directions

Vaccines: Pfizer

OHSU Pharmacy Beaverton Clinics

15700 S.W. Greystone Court
Beaverton, OR 97006
Map and directions

Vaccines: Pfizer

OHSU Pharmacy at Tuality (Hillsboro)

333 S.E. Seventh Ave., Suite 1500
Hillsboro, OR 97123

Vaccines: Pfizer

OHSU Pharmacy at Adventist (East Portland)

10000 S.E. Main St.
Portland, OR 97216

Vaccines: Pfizer

How to prepare

  • Wear something that makes it easy to expose an upper arm for your dose.
  • Don’t come if you are sick or have symptoms that could be from COVID-19.
  • You do not need health insurance. If you do have insurance, please bring your insurance card. Vaccine providers are allowed to charge your insurance company an administration fee.
  • If it’s not your first dose, bring proof of any previous dose.
  • See OHSU's policy on support people. Service animals are allowed. Please leave pets at home.

Questions? Need help?

  • Reach our call center at 833-647-8222, weekdays 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.
  • Help scheduling a vaccine or booster: 833-647-8222, weekdays 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. 
  • Comuníquese con nuestro centro de atención llamando al 833-647-8222, de lunes a viernes, de 8 a. m. a 5 p. m.
  • Ayuda para programar una vacuna o refuerzo: 833-647-8222, de 8 a. m. a 8 p. m. entre semana y de 10 a. m. a 6 p. m. los fines de semana
  • Hãy liên lạc tổng đài của chúng tôi theo số 833-647-8222 , các ngày trong tuần 8 giờ sáng đến 5 giờ chiều
  • Giúp lên lịch tiêm vắc-xin hoặc liều tăng cường: 833-647-8222, các ngày trong tuần 8 giờ sáng đến 5 giờ chiều
  • С нашим колл-центром можно связаться по номеру 833-647-8222 в будние дни с 8 a.m. до 5 p.m.
  • Помощь с записью на вакцинацию или повторную вакцинацию: 833-647-8222, с 08:00 до 20:00 в будний день или с 10:00 до 18:00 в выходной