Educational Conferences


Morning Report

Morning report is a half-hour conference held 4 days per week with the goal to improve resident communication and clinical decision making skills in a comfortable learning environment. Under the direction of the chief residents and in the presence of faculty, residents present timely medical cases that explore various aspects of patient care objectives, including delineation of differential diagnoses, the medical work-up, and/or management care plans. The conference also incorporates interactive tutorials from allied services of the Department of Pediatrics such as radiology and dermatology. 

Pediatric Grand Rounds

Pediatric faculty, community pediatricians, residents, and students attend this weekly session held throughout the year. Various pediatric topics, including research advances, translational medicine, and challenging clinical cases are presented, usually in a lecture type format. Guest presentations are common, and there are several endowed lectureships throughout the year that attract acclaimed physician-scientists.  

Noon Conference

This educational conference is held daily,  During the summer, residents hear presentations that cover the program's Core curriculum on essential pediatric topics. In the fall, winter, and spring, the Standard Curriculum is presented and includes important pediatric topics delivered on an approximately every other year basis. The noontime is also reserved for residents to work collaboratively on advocacy projects, quality improvement initiatives, and meetings.

Pediatric Chair's Friday Forum

The Pediatric Chair's Friday Forum is a weekly interactive conference held October-June facilitated by faculty and residents for all Department members. It is structured to have rotating forums, with emphasis on various clinical and academic skills. The five themes include: Clinical Reasoning, Evidence-based Medicine, Morbidity and Mortality, Research in Progress and Ethics. Its overall objectives are to instill life-long learning practices for participants and to further develop critical thinking skills essential to the practice of medicine and translational science.

Pediatric-Emergency Medicine M&M

A monthly conference is held jointly with the Department of Emergency Medicine to discuss pediatric patients whose initial presentation is to the Emergency Department. Residents and faculty from both departments attend this conference. Patients are presented by the pediatric and emergency medicine residents. The case format allows for discussion of the differential diagnosis and treatment plan, facilitating communication between the two departments.