Jacqueline Vane & Ryan Malzahn, Transportation & Parking

November 2014 Golden Rose Recipient

Vane Malzahn 11 14

Submitted by Chris Barnett

Recently, Ryan Malzhan and Jacqueline Vane flagged me down after having noticed a man suffering from altered mental status. The individual was experiencing a diabetic medical emergency from low blood sugar. He was very confused, had heavily slurred speech, could not finish a sentence, and was so unsteady he couldn’t stand up by himself. Instead of waiting for an ambulance I decided to transport the person to the OHSU Emergency Department to receive the necessary care faster.

Although I know Parking and Transportation Employees are very busy, Ryan and Jacqueline elected to stay with me and help. One obtained a wheelchair from the emergency department allowing me to stay with the person and continue to monitor his status, and the other helped move my patrol vehicle to the ER parking lot so it wasn’t left running unattended on Sam Jackson Road. After the patient was placed in the wheelchair, I took him to the emergency department and he was checked in immediately. Usually, when I arrive on the scene of calls for service, the caller / requester will leave assuming the problem is being taken care of. It can make it very difficult at times to navigate through certain incidents without extra help. It was very refreshing to have the Parking and Transportation Employees stay and assist the person in need (and me). Later that night in the Emergency Department I saw the individual walking out of the emergency department lobby. He was so genuinely thankful for the help OHSU provided him. I felt an appropriate "thank you" needed to be passed to the Parking and Transportation Employees that assisted him initially – Ryan Malzahn and Jacqueline Vane.