Bryan Tolman, Public Safety

January 2014 Golden Rose Recipient

Bryan Tolman

Submitted by Angela Weaver, Child Development and Rehabilitation Center

The week before Christmas and I was informed around 3:00pm by Public Safety to meet them at my car because my car was broken into. Bryan met me at my car. He was very empathetic as he took my report on what I found missing in my car.

Several times he apologized for my car being broken into, explaining Public Safety often patrols the parking lots and said that unfortunately "It is the Season". I mentioned to him that I was in-between meetings and had a long night ahead of me with having to attend an evening meeting. 

He then offered to clean up the broken glass for me, both outside my car and inside my car.  It was getting dark and colder out and I think he knew it would be difficult for me to clean up everything in the dark and get to my next meeting on time. He said he thought he had access to a broom and dustpan and it would be no problem for him to clean up the glass. 

When I returned to my car around 5:00pm, the glass was nicely cleaned up! I was able to get into my car and get to my 6pm meeting on time. I am not sure if it is part of an OHSU Police Officer’s job responsibilities to clean up glass, but it was much appreciated!  It would have been difficult and time consuming for me to clean up the glass myself.

I want to say that his empathetic and calm presence and kind gesture to clean up the glass, made an awful experience for me, less aggravating and painful. His kindness is greatly appreciated and is a positive reminder that yes, "It is the season!" Thank you for your consideration.