Ali Booker, Erin Gallivan, Elizabeth Steiner and Aurora Terry, FM at Gabriel Park

November 2016 Golden Rose Recipients

Elizabeth Steiner, Erin Gallivan, Ali Booker and Aurora Terry, FM at Gabriel Park

Nomination submitted by Lisa Ishmael, Family Medicine at Gabriel Park

Recently, I was able to observe what OHSU patient excellence is all about. A patient came in to Gabriel Park clinic for an early afternoon appointment with Dr. Steiner. The appointment was for a swollen leg and calf, which is something we see frequently. After the initial evaluation Dr. Steiner sensed this might be something more than the usual leg pain and went to Aurora Terry for additional assistance. Aurora, who is tenacious, quickly got on the phone and called the Vascular Lab to get the patient in for an urgent Vascular US. They were able to get the patient scheduled almost immediately, and off to the hill the patient went. We continued with our clinic when Dr. Steiner was notified that the patient had a massive DVT. Dr. Steiner quickly paged the Gabriel Park nurse team, who was by her side in just minutes. She let them know what was going on and they immediately set up a plan. I overheard Erin Gallivan, RN, say that one of the medications prescribed was harder to find at pharmacies so she would call around and find the medication so the patient wouldn't have to do so herself. The nurse team went to work getting their plan in place as we awaited the patient's return. When she arrived back in clinic later that afternoon, the nurse team went into action, getting the patient medications, instructions and everything else needed for her recovery. By 4:20 p.m., all was under control. Thanks to quick action and teamwork, the patient did not have to be admitted and, most importantly, her life was saved. For this I believe a Golden ROSE Award is deserved!