Andrew Slupe, House Officer

September 2014 Golden Rose Recipient

Andrew Slupe

Dr. Slupe demonstrated true patient- and family-centered care in the documentation of his care for a patient on the Emergency General Surgery service. In his summary, Dr. Slupe thanked the patient and family for letting OHSU take care of them. His documentation is an excellent example of how we as an organization should work to keep the patient and family at the center of everything we do! I'd like to read Dr. Slupe's death summary note. It is above and beyond the template and written to the patient's family:

Thank you for allowing OHSU to participate in the care of your loved one. We extend our condolences to the family of (M.R.) and offer our sincere hope that they are able to find comfort during their time of need. If the services of OHSU can be of any help, please contact us.

I discovered Dr. Slupe's note incidentally during a chart review. It was a wonderful surprise! I have never seen this in a discharge summary/death note at any hospital I have worked at nor here.