Bruce McManus, Hospital Core Applications Technologies

February 2014 Golden Rose Recipient

Bruce McManus

Our team builds the Enterprise Data Warehouse that supports much of OHSU's analysis based reporting. Bruce is the Data Administrator who supports these enterprise databases. Our database needs are different from those of usual computer systems. Usually databases are tuned to find and return a single or small set of records, e.g., an employee's address, a patient's last visit date. Our demand is for processing hundreds of thousands of records to return a summary analysis, e.g., average hospital patient length of stay. When we experienced a degradation of response time following a required application upgrade, Bruce independently started researching the configuration settings and came to us with a proposal to change several of the startup settings and add the ability for the database to parallelize more queries. Bruce's changes allow us to use more processing power and let the system auto adjust the number of queries running parallel based on what the system sees as available. Implementation in production was flawless and had reduced the run time from 9 hours of processing to 1 hour. OHSU has had some notable successes with Data Warehouse/Business Intelligence reporting and Bruce is the unsung hero behind many of these efforts.      

Submitted by Wade Anderson, Paul Allen & Jon Waldow, Hospital Core Applications Technologies