Kevin Vandenheuvel, February 2013

Kevin Vandenheuvel, Research Assistant, Emergency Medicine

kevin vandenheuvel golden rose 2-13

On Thursday, a young woman, working down the hall in our non-clinical offices, cut herself. While someone helped her sit down to feel better, Kevin heard what had happened. Now, Kevin is a trained paramedic, but for us, he is research staff - an EMS Liaison for clinical trials. But in this setting, he was far more than a research assistant.

He calmed the young woman, provided some very straightforward care with a first aid kit, and thoroughly explained the reaction her body was having. It was a treat to see Kevin in this role, as it is one in which he is clearly excellent, and the experience served as a valuable reminder to our team of the amazing breadth and depth of the skills and backgrounds of our employees, even our researchers! Kevin truly went above and beyond that day, and we wanted him to be recognized for it.

Submitted by Michael Kampp, Aarzoo Sidhu and Dana Zive, Emergency Medicine