Kelly Kovl, February 2013

Kelly Kovl, Cashier, Outpatient Pharmacy

kelly kovl golden rose 2-13

We have a vision impaired, wheelchair bound patient, who uses medical transport. After he picked up his medications, he asked Kelly to call medical transport to arrange for him to be picked up. Medical transport said it was going to be over an hour before they could pick him up. Instead of just leaving him to wait for over an hour in our waiting room, Kelly brought out a soda to the patient, who then expressed that he was hungry.

She called patient services to see if we could get a wheelchair escort to take him to a cafeteria, but they were extremely busy at the time. Kelly coordinated with her co-worker, Greg, who personally escorted the patient to the cafeteria, so the patient did not have to wait over an hour in the waiting room while also being hungry. This act of kindness occurred during one of our busiest times of day, but Kelly made the time to go above and beyond for this patient.

Submitted by Lacey Henry, Outpatient Pharmacy