Sabine Kaul-Connolly, Occupational Therapist, Acute Rehabilitation Services

May 2013 Golden Rose Recipient

Sabine Kaul-Connolly

Sabine has been instrumental in the development of: Safe Care of Vulnerable Patients and implementation of Rapid Safety Rounds. Sabine has utilized her Occupational Therapy skills, dedication and passion for patients and patient safety to address an area at OHSU that increases our ability to provide safe and quality of service for patients, families, caregivers and OHSU staff (RNs, CNAs, Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapists).

Sabine's contributions to the Safe Care of Vulnerable Patients and Rapid Safety Rounds improves patient outcomes by testing an interdisciplinary care delivery approach for the management of vulnerable patients. She has worked to provide a model for identifying cognitive performance with impact on safety and new learning that benefits members of all disciples on the importance of cognition in patient care.

Sabine has shared this model with the nursing staff on 12K and has, along with Mariah Hayes, RN and Diane Wheeling (both professional practice leaders) presented a series of presentations to the nurses on the importance of cognition in patient assessment and providing an environment of care that facilitates cognitive functioning and assists with the elimination of delirium. In conjunction, Sabine has been educating nursing and rehabilitation staff on the use of the Cognitive Pyramid model with corresponding techniques to implement for the patient's safety.

The Rapid Safety Rounds model for identifying patients at risk, patients with delirium or cognitive issues is making an outstanding impact on the service we provide to OHSU patients and their families the outcomes of the patient's discharges. Sabine has significantly and positively impacted the presence and role of Occupational Therapy Services at OHSU while simultaneously including disciple such as Nursing, Social Workers, Pharmacy and Case Managers.

Submitted by Zoe Anderson