James Becker, February 2013

James Becker, Histotechnologist, Histology Lab

james becker golden rose award winner 2-13

Histology is a very important but small area of the health field. It contains about 5-15 lab personnel in each hospital. A Histotechnologist prepares tests for pathologists to be able to diagnose various diseases. However, there are very few schools that teach the field, leaving the majority of the technicians to learn intricate skills on the job. The lack of formal training creates a situation where fellow co-workers need to teach each other.

Since not everyone is a born educator, it can create complications in the work environment. We are very fortunate to have on our team James Becker. James has taught many technicians as an instructor at PCC, on-site at other major hospitals and on the job. There are few technicians and pathologists that have not had some contact with James or know who he is.

James is steadfast in his willingness to help me and others advance. He has his own required work to do but is always available to help when needed to troubleshoot a problem. He has the ability to make you feel capable and worthy. These intangible gifts are priceless. Therefore, I nominate James for the Golden Rose.

Submitted by Sally Duckworth, Histology Lab