Anita Murrin, January 2013

System/Application Analyst, Clinical Informatics

Anita Murrin

I am delighted to nominate Anita for a Golden ROSE award to recognize her tremendous contribution to improving the quality of care at OHSU and our developing Coordinated Care Organization (CCO). Through her work with the Care Transitions Innovation (C-TraIn), Anita has developed an innovative workflow that allows us to streamline and simplify workflow, identify and track patients, promote multidisciplinary communication, and find new solutions for systems integration. SHe has also built a mechanism to integrate a patient needs assessment into workflow, allowing EPIC to serve not only as an electronic health record, but also as a patient registry. This work is pivotal to C-TraIn improvement and has an even broader impact. It is a model for other improvement programs at OHSU and for EPIC systems throughout our CCO that aim to transform healthcare delivery. Anita has brought energy, enthusiasm and critical thought to each step of the process. Through C-TraIn, I have had the privilege to work with many people at OHSU and the city. Anita stands out as a truly exceptional partner.

- Submitted by Honora Englander, Division of Hospital Medicine