Ahlandis Gerba, Pharmacy Technician, Outpatient Pharmacy

May 2013 Golden Rose Recipient

Ahlandis Gerba

Ahlandis is a technician in the retail pharmacy at the Center for Health & Healing. We dispense many of the new cancer medications at our facility and one of the newest drugs, Xtandi, seems to be flying off our shelves. It can't be ordered from our normal supplier, and requires a drop ship from the manufacturer. 

We had been repeatedly ordering it with no problems; it usually arrives within 2-3 days. I had ordered it for a particular patient and it wasn't being delivered. I called Pam Hays in our Central Pharmacy to check on the status of the drug order. She would call the drug company and they reiterated that it had been ordered. It is Tuesday, and I still hadn't received the drug and the patient would be out on Friday. Our window of opportunity was closing to meet the patient's needs. In the meantime, I am calling the patient daily to update them that we hadn't received the drug and I was calling Pam twice a day to check on the status of order. 

Finally, Pam called me and stated that she had convinced the manufacturer to ship one bottle, which we received on Thursday. Normally, we mail this patient their prescription but that was not an option because it was past the deadline for next day delivery. Unfortunately by this time, we discovered that the patient would be out of medication the next day. Of his own volition, Ahlandis called the patient and arranged to deliver the medication after work since it was on his way home anyway. The patient was so grateful. Ahlandis exemplified the best image for OHSU possible in this situation.

Submitted by George Harvey, Pharmacy