George Harvey, Outpatient Pharmacy Services

March 2015 Golden Rose Recipient


Submitted by Erik Fromme, Melanie Farnsworth and Brook Farrell, Knight Hem/Onc

We all agree that George is one of the most helpful, positive and creative employees at OHSU. We're nominating him for a Golden Rose for his beyond-the-call-of-duty work in getting a home Pyxis (an automated medication dispensing system) for one of our patients who is trying to wean himself off of pain medications. This is a brand new system, brand new to OHSU, and without George's support and assistance, there's no way we could do this and I think the patient would have had to go into inpatient rehab to detox. The company that provides the machine insisted that they wouldn't provide it unless there was someone available 24/7 to troubleshoot, so I believe George gave them his cell phone number. This patient is extremely challenging but wants to do the right thing, and thanks to George he can. We are so grateful.