Julie Flindt, Family Medicine at Richmond Clinic

May 2014 Golden Rose Recipient

Julie Flindt

Julie is one of our incredible RN Case Managers at Richmond. Recently, one of our patients needed to be admitted to the hospital. Julie has been very involved with coordinating care for the patient. The one primary barrier to the patient's hospitalization was finding care for their dog. Without any friends or family to dog sit and without the finances to afford boarding the dog at a kennel, Julie offered to dog sit. She drove to the patient's house on her day off to pick up the dog. Additionally, she sent photos of the dog to staff caring for the patient in the hospital so that they were able to share the pictures and reassure the patient that the dog was safe. This was in late March. Now, in mid-April, the patient suddenly needed urgent hospitalization again. Julie was called by the inpatient team on Easter Sunday, and returned back to Portland from Seattle early in order to retrieve the dog. Clearly, she has gone above and beyond for the care of one, very special patient.              

Submitted by Rachael Postman