James Berry, Chaplain

January 2014 Golden Rose Recipient

James Berry

Submitted by a community member

This is just a note to let you know that I witnessed an extraordinary act of kindness by your head chaplain yesterday. The setting was a very modest cemetery near Washington Square.

Gathered at a gravesite next to a pine coffin were the family and friends and OHSU caregivers of a young child, who passed at OHSU last week. The child was a special needs child that soon after birth was inflicted by many brain seizures. When not hospitalized at OHSU the child required 24-hour care by her parents and grandparents who lived together so they could care for the child. I know and love the child’s maternal grandmother, who is an extraordinary person. The family is very poor and many of the family members were dressed in their best coveralls or jeans.

In amidst this setting you chaplain delivered a wonderful service that touched us all and that we will not forget. I so appreciate all the OHSU caregivers for attending and for the chaplain being there to provide comfort to a wonderful but very modest family.