Donna Abell, Registered Nurse, Ambulatory Surgery, North Operating Room

May 2013 Golden Rose Recipient

Donna Abell, Golden Rose Recipient

Recently, I witnessed compassion in medicine moment. A patient dealing with multiple medical and surgical issues was scheduled for yet another surgery.

All of the previous care resulted in no IV sites of access being readily usable for this surgery. The plan was for venous access to be achieved intra-op; that process took as long as the scheduled surgery and was perhaps more complex. While everyone intently pursued the anatomical fixes, Donna soothed this anxious patient by holding the patient's hand under the drapes, literally kneeling for 30 minutes, distracting the patient with stories of Disneyland.

Donna went above and beyond the "call of duty" for her RN role. She didn't have to by any means stay with this patient yet chose to give this patient comfort, distraction and a friendly conversation during this difficult procedure. I am proud to have such a great co-worker who cares and gives of herself to our patients.

Submitted by Mira Milas, Surgical Oncology and Cicily Thrush, Short Stay Day Surgery, 4N