Mission and Goals

OHSU School of Dentistry Goals and Strategies

Strategic Goals Endorsed by Faculty on June 3, 2010

Vision: The School of Dentistry is a leader & innovator in oral health education, care & discovery.

A. Optimize and integrate missions

  1. Environment: Integrate academic, clinical, community and research missions (internal)
  2. Evidence and synergies: Promote the use of evidence in all missions
  3. Innovation and excellence: Develop leaders and champions in all missions
  4. Growth: Increase collaboration with the university and external partners

B. Provide an exceptional educational experience

  1. Environment: Create a stimulating interprofessional learning and care environment
  2. Evidence and synergies: Emphasize evidence and integrative thinking for educational excellence
  3. Innovation and excellence: Provide scope of clinical experiences to ensure competence and future mastery
  4. Growth: Expand experiences in managing care for special needs patients

C. Provide an outstanding patient experience

  1. Environment: Provide high quality, individualized and patient-focused care
  2. Evidence and synergies: Incorporate current clinical techniques and technologies appropriately
  3. Innovation and excellence: Improve efficiency and excellence in service
  4. Growth: Contribute to access to care solutions

D. Promote a community of scholarship

  1. Environment: Establish a system of training, development and mentorship
  2. Evidence and synergies: Contribute to the body of evidence
  3. Innovation and excellence: Promote innovation and entrepreneurship
  4. Growth: Expand clinical and translational research

E. Develop and diversity sustainable funding

  1. Environment: Form new partnerships and financial models
  2. Evidence and synergies: Create synergies and efficiencies for optimal use of funds
  3. Innovation and excellence: Identify new and innovative development opportunities
  4. Growth: Evaluate potential expansion and addition of programs

F. Develop an energized culture

  1. Environment: Develop a qualified, supportive, and diverse learning community
  2. Evidence and synergies: Maintain a culture of collegiality and respect
  3. Innovation and excellence: Create a community of effective faculty and staff
  4. Growth: Increase our contribution to the public good


School of Dentistry Strategic Action Plan