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Scholarship Opportunities

DMD Class of 2026 at Cannon Beach

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School of Dentistry Specific Scholarships

Please see below for current scholarship opportunities available to enrolled dental and advanced education students. Students will be notified when each scholarship is accepting applications along with instructions for submission. The eligibility criteria and award amount are subject to change on a yearly basis. For questions regarding these scholarships, please contact Student Services at or 503-494-8825.

Application is required for this general scholarship fund. A partial scholarship towards tuition will be awarded to dental students in good academic standing  who also have financial need. The amount may fluctuate yearly according to the number of qualified applicants and available funds.

This scholarship will benefit one or more students who are high achieving and demonstrate leadership potential for the benefit of dentistry. Preference will be given to students from Lane County, a graduate of the University of Oregon or a dental hygienist who is seeking a dental degree. Application is required.

AWARD AMOUNT: up to $1,500

This scholarship will benefit two senior dental students annually who intend to deliver oral health care in rural communities throughout their education. Selected students are evaluated during their community-based rotation and will submit a student reflection.

AWARD AMOUNT: $7,500 per student

This scholarship benefits third-year advanced education students in Orthodontics at the OHSU School of Dentistry. Available funds will be divided equally between each student and applied toward their tuition and fees for the summer term.

AWARD AMOUNT: up to $4,000

The Hawaii Dental Students Endowed Scholarship was created by five Hawaiian OHSU alumni.  All five of the initial donors are proud graduates of the OHSU School of Dentistry.  Their desire to give back to their alma mater and pave the way for future dental professionals from Hawaii demonstrate their passion and commitment to education and their community.

One or more students in the School of Dentistry will be awarded with preference given to students from the Hawaiian Islands. Students are evaluated based on the following criteria in the following order: 1) career plans; 2) potential as a dentist; 3) financial need; 4) academic achievement and scholastic record while a student at OHSU. Application is required, which must include explanation of your commitment to your community, future goals and how the scholarship will help you.

AWARD AMOUNT: up to $5,000

This scholarship will be awarded to one or more dental students entering their senior year. Preference will be given to Oregon residents who intend to practice in Oregon. Application is required.


The OHSU School of Dentistry announces the Melissa Mariman, DMD, Memorial Scholarship, a donor-funded scholarship for OHSU predoctoral students in the third quarter of their fourth year in the dental school curriculum.

Dr. Mariman graduated from the OHSU School of Dentistry in 1999.  After graduation, she accepted a position at the Bellingham Dental Clinic working mainly with underprivileged children.  Through her work at the clinic, Dr. Mariman learned about the need for more anesthesiologists in the area and applied to and was accepted to Loma Linda Medical Center.  She completed the program in February 2004 and returned to Washington to resume her career.  Within months of returning to Washington, Dr. Mariman learned she had brain cancer.  This scholarship is intended to be a living tribute to Dr. Mariman while benefiting students at the OHSU School of Dentistry.

The recipient of the scholarship will be the student who best exemplifies the characteristics of Dr. Mariman: a caring individual who shows compassion for not only the patients but classmates, someone who is diligent in their academic career, and someone who is a hard worker. Application is required.

AWARD AMOUNT: up to $3,000

One or more fourth year dental students will be supported by this scholarship based on the following criteria: 1) interest in practicing general dentistry and enthusiastic about restorative dentistry; 2) high ethical behavior; 3) has led and/or encouraged their classmates, instructors and underclassmen to excel in all of their endeavors; 4) seeks to be the best, rise to the next level and provide the next higher level of care; 5) has spent time providing care to those less fortunate; 6) has spent time providing volunteer service outside of dentistry. Application is required.

AWARD AMOUNT: up to $5,000

This scholarship will be awarded to second and third year dental students with an interest in dental materials/dental materials science.  The funds will support students' attendance at a national meeting where they will represent OHSU School of Dentistry. Application is required.

AWARD AMOUNT: up to $2,000

Two scholarships for one 3rd and one 4th year dental student will be supported each year, regardless of financial need. Application is required.

AWARD AMOUNT: up to $4,000 each

One or more dental students demonstrating financial need are eligible for this scholarship. Students should demonstrate the same care and concern for others that Columbia Bank provides for its customers in communities throughout the Northwest. Students must be a resident of Idaho, Oregon or Washington and demonstrate their commitment to community service. Application is required.

AWARD AMOUNT: up to $3,500

The OHSU School of Dentistry announces the OHSU School of Dentistry Alumni Association (SDAA) Scholarship for Excellence, a donor-funded scholarship for OHSU predoctoral third and fourth year students. This scholarship was created by alumni board members who wanted to find a meaningful way to recognize and support current dental students.

Scholarships for 2022-23 will be awarded to third and fourth year students based on the following criteria: 1) financial need; 2) school and/or class leadership and activities; 3) noteworthy professional achievements; 4) community based professional activities while a student at OHSU. Application is required to be submitted to the SDAA directly. Recipients may be recognized at the OHSU SDAA Annual Awards Luncheon on Saturday, April 15, 2023.

AWARD AMOUNT: $1,000 minimum

This scholarship will be awarded to a third or fourth year female dental student who exhibits an interest in serving economically and socially disadvantaged populations. Application is required.

AWARD AMOUNT: up to $3,000

This scholarship benefits one or more advanced education students in Periodontics at the OHSU School of Dentistry.


This scholarship will be awarded to one or more dental students with exemplary accomplishments and skills in restorative dentistry. A third-year student will be identified to receive the scholarship during their fourth-year of school. Application is required.


Funds shall be used to provide educational scholarships to students enrolled in or pursuing a specialization in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery in the OHSU School of Dentistry. Candidates shall be selected based on good academic standing, a high moral character and financial need at the time of application, the term before full-time enrollment begins in the School of Medicine’s curriculum. Candidates must present a cumulative overall OHSU School of Medicine GPA of 2.75 if applicable, and/or be in good academic standing during their enrollment. Application is required prior to matriculation.

AWARD AMOUNT: cost of tuition and required fees during School of Medicine enrollment

Scholarships available to accepted applicants

For applicants who have recently been offered acceptance into the DMD Program, our Admissions Office will notify you if you've been selected to receive a scholarship. Because admission to the DMD Program is offered on a rolling basis, the timeline will vary for notifying scholarship recipients.

The scholarship will be awarded to an incoming first year dental student from the State of Washington who is from east of the Cascade Mountains.


​​​​​Better health outcomes are achieved when patients visit healthcare providers with similar backgrounds. To ensure that OHSU graduate students help address the healthcare needs of Oregon, the region, and the US, the OHSU President’s Fund will provide funds to qualified students from disadvantaged backgrounds to become health professionals. Funds will cover full tuition and required fees charged to the student’s account for the length of the standard DMD Program.

Make a difference with your degree by applying for funding through the Scholars for a Healthy Oregon Initiative (SHOI). Designed with both the student and Oregon workforce in mind, SHOI provides eligible students with a unique opportunity to help address healthcare disparity in the state.

SHOI funding provides full tuition and applicable fees for a limited number of eligible students entering specific clinical degree programs at OHSU. In return, funded recipients agree to practice as a healthcare practitioner in a rural or underserved community in Oregon for a minimum of one year longer than the total years of funding received. It's a serious commitment and a great reward, but also a very real opportunity to help make a difference in one of the medically underserved urban or rural areas of our state.

Outside Scholarships for Dental Students

Disclaimer: The scholarships listed above may be awarded every academic year pending fund availability.