School of Dentistry

DMD Program Tuition and Fees

SOD Building South

Tuition (1st year D.M.D.)

  • Resident: $11,304 per term, $45,216 annually
  • Non-resident: $18,244 per term, $72,976 annually

Equipment, books, and loupes (1st year totals only)

  • Clinic Infrastructure Assessment (CIA): $8,793
  • Loupes/Light: $1,500

Mandatory fees

  • University: $572 per term, $2,288 annually
  • Student Council: $16 per term, $64 annually

Insurance (1st year totals only)

  • Major Medical Insurance: $5,103.55 annually
    • summer term = $646
    • fall, winter, spring terms = $1,485.85 per term
  • Dental Insurance $403.71 annually
    • summer term = $50.34
    • fall, winter, spring terms = $117.79 per term

Fees (optional)

  • Estimated Cost of Living: $2050 per month
  • Parking: requests must be authorized and approved
  • Tri-Met PASS (Oregon state public transit): approximately $50 per year
  • C-TRAN PASS (Washington state public transit): approximately $385 per year

Tuition, fees, and the associated costs listed above are provided for information purposes only. The Oregon Health & Science University, School of Dentistry reserves the right to modify tuition, fees and other costs which range from minimal to substantial without advance notice. This document should not be construed as creating a binding contract between the applicant/student and the University.