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School of Dentistry on South Waterfront


Patient Appointments/ Admitting Clinic: 503-494-8867,

Faculty Dental Practice Appointments: 503-494-4316

Student Admissions: 503-494-5274,

Alumni Relations Program: 503-552-0667,

Continuing Education: 503-494-8857,

Student Services: 503-494-8825

Inclement Weather Information

OHSU as an organization remains open regardless of weather conditions. Under limited circumstances,  School of Dentistry classes may be cancelled or dental clinics may close due to inclement weather.  Only the President or his designee may alter the normal operations of the University due to weather conditions. Changes in the normal operations of the academic units must be cleared through the Provost. OHSU's inclement weather policy is available on the OHSU Intranet at

Please note that in cases when classes are cancelled, the clinic may still be fully operational. We suggest that you call both phone numbers listed below for up-to-date information.

General OHSU Inclement Weather Hotline

School of Dentistry Clinic Weather Hotlines
Patients:  503-494-8867

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School and Dental Clinic Locations

OHSU School of Dentistry
2730 S.W. Moody Avenue
Portland, Oregon 97201-5042

Directions for the Robertson Life Sciences Building

Russell Street Dental Clinic
214 N. Russell Street
Portland, OR 97227