Multidisciplinary GI Oncology Research Group

Multidisciplinary GI Oncology Research Group

Our Mission

Improving the lives of patients battling intestinal carcinoma

The OHSU Multidisciplinary GI Oncology Research Group comprises a coordinated team of clinicians and scientists dedicated to improving the lives of patients battling intestinal carcinoma. Our primary mission is to integrate clinical and basic research to facilitate the translation of new discoveries for development of novel therapeutic strategies into clinical evaluation for the treatment of patients with colorectal cancer and related GI malignancies. Our collaborative working group is engaged in and is developing research strategies focused on primary and metastatic cancers down the length of the gastrointestinal tract, with a specific interest in identification of biomarkers that function to inform patient care, disease prognosis, optimize patient treatment, and predict and ultimately prevent disease recurrence.

We have a particular focus on early detection of recurrent disease

Our collaborative structure enhances the relationships between the surgeon, oncologist, clinician and basic researcher to provide the foundation to synergize efforts and elevate the rate of discovery. 

Translating research into patient care

Our multidisciplinary group provides the opportunity to share research interests and develop collaborative efforts to ask compelling research questions. The unique structure of the group allows for translation of basic and clinical research into clinical trials and patient care, due to the nature of the collaborative engagement at the very conception of various research projects. These research projects are developed and submitted for funding from a range of sources including foundations, professional societies and government peer-reviewed grants. Ultimately, our group serves as a platform for a larger collaborative research application or program project grant. In addition, our group works in a coordinated manner with the Knight Cancer Institute development team to pursue potential avenues for philanthropic support.

Team Members by Division

Colorectal Surgery

Surgical Oncology

Medical Oncology

Cell, Developmental and Cancer Biology

Radiation Medicine

Computational Chemical Genomics in Precision Cancer Medicine

William H. Bisson, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor and Senior Researcher
College of Agricultural Sciences
Oregon State University