Past Events

Gender Equity Workshops 

  • Bias in Feedback Workshop
  • Negotiation Skills Workshop
  • Imposter Phenomenon Workshop
  • Negotiation, Promotion, and Tenure Workshop
  • Planning for Family: Fertility for Physicians Workshop
  • Strengths-Based Approach to Women's Professional Development Workshop 

Grand Rounds Speakers

  • “Oregon’s Black History: 450 Years in 45 Minutes” – Zachary Stocks
  • "Finding Comfort in Discomfort: Our Stories in the House of Surgery" - Michaela Bamdad, Brittany Bankhead, Imani McElroy, Harveshp Mogal, & Ruchi Thanawala
  • "Accelerating Possibilities for American Indians and Alaska Natives in the Academic Medicine Ecosystem" - Dr. Erik Brodt 
  • "Diversity in the Workplace" - Derrick Thomas
  • "Disparities in Trauma Care and the Surgical Workforce" - Dr. Cherisse Berry

Professional Development Workshop FALL 2022

"Professional Development Workshop for Inclusive Leadership" with invited consultants Tanya Foster and Richard Birke

  • " Principles of Inclusive Leadership"
  • "The Language of Inclusive Leadership"
  • "Inclusive Leadership Skills: Diffuclt Conversations and Effective Feedback"

Upcoming Events

DoS DEI Community Engagement Events

If you are interested in participating as a panelist for our community engagement events, please fill out the form below and we will reach out to you. 

DoS DEI Community Outreach – Health Career Panelist Discussion Participation Enrollment Form