OHSU Resources

To assist us in being more cultural conscious when soliciting questions and answers from patients Assistant Dean of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion – Ms. Leslie Garcia has shared two selected models to follow. Please email surgerydei@ohsu.edu  if you would like a laminated copy to keep with your OHSU badge.

B.E.L.I.E.F Model

  • Beliefs about health (What caused your illness/problem?)
  • Explanation (Why did it happen at this time?)
  • Learn (Help me to understand your belief/opinion.)
  • Impact (How is this illness/problem affecting your life?)
  • Empathy (This must be very difficult for you.)
  • Feelings (How are you feeling about it?)

Source:  Dobbie AE, Medrano M, Tysinger J, Olney, C 2003


  • Explanation (How do you explain your illness?)
  • Treatment (What treatment have you tried?)
  • Healers (Have you sought any advise from others?)
  • Negotiate (mutually acceptable options)
  • Intervention (Agree on)
  • Collaboration ( with patient, family, healers, and others)

Source:  Levin, Like, & Gottleib 1997