Division of Vascular Surgery

Vascular Surgery - Drs. Cherrie Abraham and Enjae Jung
Interim Head of Vascular Surgery Dr. Cherrie Abraham (left) and Vascular and Endovascular Training Program Director Dr. Enjae Jung (right)

The Division of Vascular Surgery is comprised of 12 surgeons and experts in their field, led by interim division head Dr. Cherrie Abraham. Dr. Abraham is the director of the aortic program in OHSU's Knight Cardiovascular Institute and his clinical expertise includes open surgery repair of complex aneurysms and general vascular surgery. As leaders in vascular health, our surgeons provide excellent patient care while maintaining educational and research-rich programs to train surgeons and researchers and enhance their understanding of the vascular system.

Our general surgery residency program includes a vascular surgery rotation and specialization, and as a division we offer both a 2-year Vascular and Endovascular Surgery fellowship as well as an integrated residency program for Vascular and Endovascular Surgery Training.

Vascular and Endovascular Surgery Training

Our Vascular and Endovascular Surgery Training Program offers a 2-year fellowship as well as an integrated residency. Our program offers experience in complex endovascular aortic procedures and lower extremity interventions as well as complex open operations, including aortic surgeries, mesenteric bypasses, and leg bypasses. Our trainees participate in a wide variety of combined surgeries with various other sub-specialists to provide anterior spine exposures, porto-mesenteric or caval reconstructions, and arterial reconstruction for oncologic resections. Research is encouraged, and there is ample opportunity to present at regional and national meetings and produce peer-reviewed publications during training regardless of the training (0+5 or 5+2) track. 

Learn more about our Vascular and Endovascular Surgery Training Program.

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