PGY2 Critical Care Application Process

We appreciate your interest in the OHSU PGY2 Critical Care Pharmacy Residency Program. Qualified candidates are encouraged to apply. 

How do I apply to the program?

Candidates for the PGY2 Critical Care Pharmacy Residency Program must have a certificate of completion from an ASHP-accredited Pharmacy Residency program by July 1st, must have an active Oregon Intern License by July 1st, and must be eligible for full pharmacist licensure in Oregon by October 1st (View licensure information). Required application materials, which must be submitted through PhORCAS, include: 

  • Official transcripts from all professional pharmacy education 
  • Curriculum vitae
  • Personal statement specifying information related to the applicant's interest in OHSU's program
  • Recommendation letters from three references using the standardized reference form located in PhORCAS

Applicants are required to register for the ASHP National Matching Service before they will be invited for an interview. In the event of an unmatched position, OHSU will open its application process to qualified candidates still seeking residency training in Phase 2 of the Match.

When are applications due?

Our application deadline is January 1st. All required components of the application file must be uploaded in PhORCAS by this date. Please monitor the status of your application in PhORCAS and make every attempt to complete your application prior to the deadline. We understand that items such as transcripts and letters of recommendation may not be uploaded by the application deadline and that you are relying on other people to complete these tasks for you. You must contact the Residency Program Director directly to request consideration of your application file if it is incomplete at the time PhORCAS closes. We do not begin reviewing applicant's files until they are complete.

Does your program require a pharmacy practice residency to be eligible for your specialty?

Our specialty residency program in critical care is designed as a PGY2 program. As such, eligible candidates must be in the process of completing or must have completed a PGY1 experience. A copy of the PGY1 Residency Certificate will be requested upon entering the PGY2 program at OHSU. 

Are the letters of recommendation you ask for truly intended to be letters? Other programs use the checkbox form.

We use the standard ASHP Resident Recommendation Form found in PhORCAS. Please ask your letter writers to provide a high level of detail in the comments section of the PhORCAS recommendation form.

What happens after I submit my application?

After we receive completed files, we use a series of pre-determined criteria to evaluate each applicant before deciding who will be invited for an on-site interview. Multiple preceptors review the files to make sure we give each applicant a fair assessment. There is not a set number of applicants that we invite for interview. Our interviews are primarily scheduled in February. We do our best to accommodate applicant's requests for certain dates if they will already be in the Portland metro area.