PGY1 Compensation and Benefits

What is the salary?

Residents receive a stipend of $53,500/year, paid in equally divided amounts every two weeks. The budgetary cycle for the hospital does not coincide with the resident recruitment cycle. The offered stipend is based on the current residency year. It is customary for the program to review and request upward adjustments to the residents' stipend to make it commensurate with the prevailing residency marketplace wage before the start of the next residency year. 

What insurance coverage do residents receive? 

Residents also receive full medical, dental, and vision benefits for immediate family (employee chooses from a variety of offered plans, including co-pay and deductible plans), as well as life and disability insurance (you may elect to add additional coverage). 

Do residents receive vacation time? 

Residents receive 80 hours of paid time off (PTO) and paid holidays. Residents will be required to work 1 major and 1 minor holiday. Educational leave (e.g. conferences and interviews) is granted at the Residency Program Director's discretion and separate from PTO. Coverage of educational expenses is available as the annual budget allows. 

What are the other benefits of being a pharmacy resident at OHSU? 

  • Secured, on site office space with personal files and cabinet 
  • Computer with network, Internet, email access and dual monitors
    • Network access includes: MS Windows Professional Package (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access), electronic medical record, pharmacy system, and drug information 
    • Remote login possible 
  • Mobile pager
  • Departmental, library, and campus photocopier access code 
  • On- and off-campus access to the electronic and print holdings of the state's largest medical library and drug information center that are both located on campus 
  • An open invitation to any educational event held on the hill
  • A complete listing is posted on the weekly calendar of events 
  • Opportunities include sessions such as Medical, Surgical, and Pediatric Grand Rounds; M and M Report, subspecialty grand rounds such as the Citywide Infectious Diseases Conference, and career development topics 
  • Didactic learning sessions with the preceptor team
  • Reduced rate Tri-met Hop Fastpass (bus and light rail public transportation annual pass, good throughout city for all zones, days, and times) 
  • Reduced cost fitness center with gym, pool, and fitness classes included just a tram ride away 
  • Discounts at various local fitness centers, restaurants, and retailers
  • Health promotion activities and information from the Employee Wellness program, including wellness screening, health coaching, stress busters, and group support