Clinical Nutrition Services

A health care provider holds an apple while sitting across from another person. A pile of fresh fruit and vegetables is between them.

OHSU’s Clinical Nutrition Services team supports your nutrition needs related to your medical condition. We care for all ages inside and outside the hospital.

We are Oregon’s largest team of registered dietitian nutritionists. We have experience and advanced training in complex health conditions and general nutrition. We stay up to date on the latest food and nutrition research.

What we do

We provide medical nutrition therapy to improve your long-term health and quality of life. This means we:

  • Assess your nutrition needs
  • Help you create nutrition goals for your needs
  • Offer personal nutrition counseling to help you achieve your goals

We provide a custom, culturally sensitive plan for you.

As part of OHSU’s Pharmacy Services, we work with pharmacists and other providers to make sure your diet and medications support each other. In some cases, we can help with prescriptions for nutrition supplements or tube feeding.

      For patients

      Questions: 503-494-3781

      Refer a patient

      We can help with:

      • Kidney conditions
      • Long COVID
      • Lung conditions
      • Neurologic conditions
      • Nutrition supplements
      • Obesity and weight management
      • Organ transplants
      • Pediatric nutrition
      • Sports nutrition
      • Surgery, chemotherapy or radiation therapy
      • Transgender health

      If you are in the hospital, the care team includes registered dietitian nutritionists. Your provider can ask for one to see you.

      If you are outside the hospital, your provider can refer you to see us. We’ll call you to schedule a virtual or in-person appointment, usually within six weeks. At your appointment, we may discuss:

      • What you’ve had to eat and drink recently
      • Your nutrition history and preferences
      • How you get food