Specialty Pharmacy

We help patients with specialty medications for rare, chronic (ongoing) or complex conditions. Our pharmacists have advanced training and can help in your care.

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If you are having a serious reaction to medication, call 911 or go to the nearest emergency room.

Specialty Pharmacy call center: 866-263-5580, 8 a.m.-4:30 p.m. weekdays

24-hour pharmacist line: 866-263-5580

Clinics and providers: 503-494-8311


Free home delivery

You can sign up with OHSU Creekside Pharmacy to get medication delivered to your home if you live in:

  • Oregon
  • Washington
  • Idaho
  • Alaska
  • Colorado

    Specialty medications

    • May be high-cost.
    • Are prescribed by your provider.
    • May need special handling by you and your pharmacist.
    • Are not widely available.

      We provide added care for selected conditions, including:

      If you need a specialty medication we don’t provide, we can help you find another pharmacy to help.

      Our services

      Refill reminders: We’ll call or send a MyChart reminder, whichever you prefer, so you don’t run out of your medication. You can refill your prescription through MyChart.

      Care coordination: We work with your provider and care team to make sure:

      • You’re getting the best medication for your condition.
      • Your providers are up-to-date on all your medications.
      • You get a referral to other health professionals if you need more care.

      Medication support: We make sure you know:

      • Why you’ve been prescribed a medication.
      • When and how to take it.
      • What side effects you might have and how to manage them.
      • How a medication might interact with other medications you take.

      Payment: We can help with:

      • Checking how much your health insurance will cover for your medication.
      • Prior authorization (approval from your insurer before they cover a prescription) for some prescriptions; we can explain why you need a certain medication, for example.
      • Medication assistance programs that may offer help paying for your medications.
      • Understanding out-of-pocket costs or price changes.

        Frequently asked questions

        New prescriptions and refills

        How do I send in a new prescription?

        Contact your provider to send us your prescription electronically or by fax.

        How do I refill my prescription?

        An OHSU Specialty Pharmacy team member will contact you by MyChart or phone a week before your medication runs out.

        If you run out before we call, or if you want to order a refill sooner, please call your pharmacy. Please allow up to seven days for us to process and ship your medication.

        What if I run out of refills or my prescription expires?

        Please call your pharmacy to ask for help with refills or a new prescription. See OHSU Pharmacy locations and phone numbers.

        How do I get a refill if I have issues with my insurance?

        Please call us at 866-263-5580. We’ll work with your insurer to review your benefits and coverage.

        How do I update my billing and credit card information?

        Please call 888-279-9330 to provide your information.

        How do I find out the status of my prescription?

        What should I do if I have questions after getting my medication?

        How do I transfer my prescription to a different pharmacy?

        If you want to fill your prescription at:

        • An OHSU pharmacy: Please call the pharmacy where you would like your prescription filled. See OHSU Pharmacy locations and phone numbers.
        • A pharmacy outside OHSU: Please call that pharmacy. They will contact us to transfer your prescription.

          Do OHSU pharmacies substitute generic medications for brand-name medications?

          We may be able to substitute a cheaper generic medication. If you prefer a brand-name medication, let your pharmacy know.

          What should I do if an emergency, disaster or event causes a delay in getting my medication?

          Please call us at 866-263-5580. We’ll work with you to help you get your medication as soon as possible.

          What do I do if my medication is recalled?

          If your medication is recalled, we will contact you and discuss what to do.

          Specialty Pharmacy services

          What if I can’t afford my medication?

          Please call us at 866-263-5580. We can help connect you with programs that may offer financial assistance with your medication.

          What is prior authorization?

          Most health insurance plans require prior authorization for specialty medications. Prior authorization is needed when your insurance:

          • Doesn’t cover your medication.
          • May cover other medications in the same class

            How does OHSU’s prior authorization process work?

            We’ll work with your provider to explain to your insurer why you need a medication.

            Do you provide home delivery?

            We provide free home delivery of many specialty medications in five states. Learn about home delivery from OHSU Creekside Pharmacy.

            What are some benefits of OHSU’s specialty pharmacy program?

            We strive to improve your health and the success of your treatment. We’ll help you:

            • Take your medication as your provider ordered.
            • Manage side effects.
            • Remember to refill your prescription on time.
            • Find help paying for your medication.
            • With insurance billing.
            • Sign up for free home delivery of your medication.

              What are the limitations of OHSU’s specialty pharmacy program?

              Some of our specialty pharmacy program’s limitations include:

              • We may not be able to supply some medications.
              • You need to take active part in our specialty pharmacy program to make the most of its benefits. You’re considered active if you respond to refill reminders, answer our calls and tell us about any financial barriers you face.
              • If you take part in our specialty pharmacy program, you still need to get care from the provider who prescribed your medication.

                What do I do if OHSU can’t supply my medication?

                If we can’t supply your medication, we’ll work with you to find another pharmacy that can.

                What if I don’t want to be in OHSU’s specialty pharmacy program anymore?

                Please call us at 866-263-5580. You can leave or rejoin the program anytime.

                How can I learn more about my medication or condition?

                Please call us at 866-263-5580. We can give you resources to help you better understand your medication and condition

                Patient resources

                Where can I get information about parking and transportation for OHSU pharmacies?

                Please see:

                You can call OHSU’s Transportation and Parking customer service center at

                503-494-8283, 7 a.m.-3:30 p.m. Monday-Tuesday and Thursday-Friday, 7 a.m.-2:15 p.m. Wednesday.

                How do I report a complaint, concern or possible error?

                If you have a complaint or concern about:

                If you’re not satisfied with our response to your complaint or concern, please contact Patient Relations:

                  How can I get help from a patient advocate?

                  Please contact Patient Relations:

                    How do I safely get rid of syringes or unused or expired medications?

                    The Metro regional government for the Portland area has information on:

                      Patient rights and responsibilities


                      As a patient in the Specialty Pharmacy program, you have the right to:

                      • Leave the program any time by telling us in person or calling us at 866-263-5580.
                      • Have your personal health information shared with the program only in agreement with state and federal law. (See OHSU’s Notice of Privacy Practices.)
                      • Ask for and get information about the Specialty Pharmacy Program.
                      • Be told of any changes to the program.
                      • Get the name and job title of the staff member you are talking with.
                      • Talk to a program supervisor.
                      • Talk to a health professional
                      • Be told if your medication has been recalled.
                      • Report concerns, complaints or grievances.
                      • Suggest changes to program staff.
                      • Get information in a manner, format and/or language that you understand.
                      • Be informed of your responsibilities


                        As a patient in the Specialty Pharmacy program, you need to:

                        • Follow your provider’s treatment plan.
                        • Meet all financial obligations, including deductibles and copays.
                        • Provide accurate and full medical information as best as you can.
                        • Submit any forms needed to take part in the program, as required by law.
                        • Provide accurate contact information and tell us of any changes in your address or phone number.
                        • Tell other providers that you take part in the program.

                        Learn more about patient rights and responsibilities at OHSU.


                        We are accredited by URAC, an independent, nonprofit entity.

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                        Refills: Use MyChart

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                        Home delivery: 503-346-3370