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Drugs on the formulary are grouped into tier levels based on brand/generic status and specialty drug status. Drugs on a lower tier have a lower cost share than drugs on a higher tier.

To view your plan's formulary, click the formulary link below.

Commercial Standard Formulary

Pharmacy network

Retail pharmacy

To search for a pharmacy near you, use the pharmacy locator by clicking the link below:

Pharmacy Locator

Mail Order pharmacy

Regional (OR, WA, AK, CO and ID) mail order services are available through:

OHSU Creekside Pharmacy
Phone: 1-888-279-9330
Monday-Friday: 8am-5pm

National mail-order services are available for members residing in all other states through:

Postal Prescription Services
Phone: 503-797-2100
Monday-Friday: 6am-6pm

Specialty pharmacy

Most specialty drugs can be filled at any retail OHSU pharmacy. There may be certain specialty drugs that an OHSU pharmacy is not able to provide. Contact 888-279-9330 for more information. 


Frequently asked questions

Cost sharing refers to when both members and their insurance plan share the cost of their health care expenses.

Copay and coinsurance are both types of cost sharing. A copay is a flat fee that you will pay for your prescription. Coinsurance is the percent of the prescription that you will need to pay for your prescription.

A deductible is the amount that you must pay out-of-pocket for covered services before your insurance begins to pay. Max out-of-pocket is the maximum amount that you pay for covered services per plan year. After you reach your max out-of-pocket, your plan pays 100% for covered services. 

Refer to your member handbook for details about your pharmacy benefits.