PGY1/PGY2 Required Experiences

Required PGY1 rotation experiences

  • Hospital 101 
  • Informatics 
  • General Clinical (in the area of staffing with options in internal medicine, surgery, critical care, cardiology, or pediatrics)
  • Administration 
  • Drug Information/Drug Policy 
  • Critical care (adult or pediatrics)
  • Ambulatory care/transitions of care

Required PGY1 longitudinal experiences

  • Staffing experience 
  • Project management via residency research project* 
  • Writing project (optional)
  • CE Presentation
  • Portland area Citywide Residency Conference (required) and Teaching Certificate Program (highly encouraged) 
  • Code Blue and Mock Code experience 
  • Participation in at least one professional pharmacy organization 
  • National and regional professional meetings 
  • Leadership series 
  • Monthly departmental newsletter (Pharmacy Pulse) 

Required PGY2 rotation experiences

  • Ambulatory/Oncology Operations (4 weeks) 
  • Business Intelligence (2 weeks)
  • Clinical Operations (4 weeks)
  • Compliance/Supply chain (4 weeks)
  • Information Management/Medication Safety/Quality (4 weeks)
  • Inpatient Operations (4 weeks)
  • Outpatient Operations (4 weeks)
  • Senior Management/Strategy (8 weeks)
  • Specialty/Pharmacy Benefit Manager (PBM) (4 weeks)
  • Human Resources/Personnel Management/Administrator on Call (Longitudinal)

Required PGY2 longitudinal experiences

  • Residency Major Project
  • Human Resources
    • Chief Resident
    • Pharmacy intern program manager
    • Precept Doctor of Pharmacy clerkship students from Oregon State University, Pacific University, and other colleges of pharmacy and participate in academic activities
    • OHSU Performance Excellence (OPEx) training
      • Lean Management
      • Change Management
      • Daily Management
    • Leadership Series
      • Participate in professional and leadership development
      • Strengthen skills in managing and communicating in an interdisciplinary setting
      • Participate in at least one professional pharmacy organization 
      • National and regional professional meetings (ASHP Midyear, ASHP Leaders Conference, OSHP Annual Seminar) 
  • Service Commitment
    • Administrator on call
    • Staffing (Inpatient and Decentral)
    • Monthly department newsletter (Pharmacy Pulse)
  • Complete a two-year Master of Business Administration or Masters of Science in Healthcare Management Degree

*Residents are required to design, conduct and evaluate a major project related to an aspect of pharmacy practice during the residency year. The resident's' major project may have a clinical, research or practice management focus. The residency preceptor team will assist the resident in choosing their project from a provided list or from a resident-generated idea list. The major project for the residency programs has oversight by the Pharmacy Research Committee, which reports to the Residency Advisory Committee. Additional experiences with the Research Pharmacy Service are available to residents interested in research experience.

See a list of past residency research projects.