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Zane Horowitz M.D.

Dr. Horowitz joined the Department of Emergency Medicine at OHSU in 1997. He is currently a Professor and serves as a Medical Director for the Oregon, Alaska and Guam Poison Centers. His academic interests include toxicology, botulism, and medical history.


  • M.D., Albany Medical Center, Troy New York 1979
  • Residency:

    • Internal Medicine & Critical Care, University of CA, Davis Medical Center, Sacramento, CA 1982
    • Emergency Medicine, Georgetown University Hospital, George Washington University Hospital, Maryland 1983
  • Fellowship:

    • University of California-Davis, Sacramento

Honors and awards

  • Faculty Excellence Award - Oregon Health & Science University
  • Recipient of the Indian Health Service National Directors Award - US Assistant Surgeon General
  • Course Director of the Year - Advanced HAZMAT Life Support

Memberships and associations

  • Toxicology, 1991


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