Photo of Xubo Song, Ph.D.

Xubo Song Ph.D.

  • Portland Campus

    • Professor of School of Medicine
    • Computer Science and Engineering Graduate Program School of Medicine
    • Center for Spoken Language Understanding School of Medicine

My research areas are in machine learning, image processing and analysis, and computer vision. I develop algorithms that can analyze large amounts of data, usually in many dimensions and from heterogeneous sources, for the purposes of quantification, classification, prediction and motion tracking. My current projects include motion tracking to study cardiac mechanics using 4D echocardiography, characterizaiton of MRI images for accurate diagnosis and therapy response assessment of breast cancer, and characterization of motion using accelerometers for various movement disorders.

As an instructor for the Computer Science & Engineering and Electrical Engineering Graduate Programs, Prof. Song teaches these courses:

CS/EE 559/659 Machine Leaning

EE 584/684 Introduction to Image Processing



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