W. Kent Anger, Ph.D.

  • Professor, Oregon Institute of Occupational Health Sciences
  • Professor, OHSU-PSU School of Public Health
  • Associate Director for Applied Research, Oregon Institute of Occupational Health Sciences


Dr. Anger focuses on developing prevention programs for people who work in high-hazard industries and testing the effectiveness of those programs.  He also identifies and characterizes exposures that damage the nervous system with behavioral tests.  These are programs and tests that can be applied in broad situations.  That is, they scale.

The prevention programs generally are delivered through technology, such as computer-based training based on behavioral education principles and reinforced by practice through apps.  In addition, scripted training delivered in small teams, self-monitoring and various forms of practice on paper-based forms.

 The training and testing is designed to be effective with adults of all levels of education, including none.  Dr. Anger has published research in several industry sectors, including agriculture, construction, and transportation; populations of interest include those from minority-culture, veterans and members of the military.


  • B.A., 1964, Stephen F. Austin State University
  • M.A., 1965, University of Wyoming
  • Ph.D., 1974, University of Maine

Honors and awards

  • Apple Distinguished Educator (~43 in higher education selected by Apple Computer) (2000)
  • Safety and Health at Work (best article in issue; December, 2010)
  • OHSU VP for Research Special Category Award [1 of 3 people for admin of CROET] (2012)
  • OHSU Senate Affiliated Units Collaboration Award (2014)
  • Oregon Public Health Institute Genius Nominee (2014)
  • Oregon Governor’s Occupational Safety and Health (GOSH) Conference Safety and Health Advocate Team Award (for the Oregon Healthy Workforce Center) (2017)

Memberships and associations

  • Association for Behavior Analysis, 1976
  • Behavioral Toxicology Society, 1982 (President, 1986-88**; Trustee, 1988-93) (**elected office)
  • American Psychological Association, 1985
  • International Commission on Occupational Health, 1986 (Member, Neurotox. Cte, 1991
  • International Neurotoxicology Association, 1986 ; Cte. Chair, 2012-15**) (**elected office)

Areas of interest

  • Total Worker Health
  • Violence Prevention
  • Workforce Retention
  • Pesticide Exposures



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