Victoria S. Halls, Ph.D. (she/her)

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Victoria Halls is a chemical biologist who completed her Ph.D. in the laboratory of Dr. Michael Famulok at the University of Bonn, Germany in 2016. There she worked on two highly interdisciplinary topics in the field of Chemical Biology, developing probes for aptamer-based affinity labelling (ABAL) of proteins and inhibitors for enzymatic targets of the endosymbiotic bacterium Wolbachia. Pursuing a Post-doc with Dr. Carsten Schultz first at EMBL, Heidelberg and continued at OHSU, she worked on the development, characterization and optimization of lipidated FRET reporters targeting disease-relevant proteases, gathering expertise in peptide synthesis, LCMS and live cell imaging.


Selected publications

  • H. Adoff*, V.S. Halls*, E. Holland*, B. Lobingier, S. Arttamangkul. „Ligand-directed labeling of opioid receptors for covalent attachment of fluorophores or small-molecule probes.” STAR Protocol 2023 Apr 26;4(2):102231. doi: 10.1016/j.xpro.2023.102231. *These authors contributed equally as first authors.
  • D. M. Hegarty, J. R. Carroll, D. Nguyen, V. S. Halls, D. I. Robbins, T. J. Price, G. Dussor, S. A. Aicher. “Resveratrol increases tear production and ocular pain after corneal abrasion in male, but not female, rats using a preclinical model of photorefractive keratectomy” Experimental Eye Research 2022, 225, 109281
  • M. Guerra*, V. S. Halls*, J. Schatterny, M. Hagner, M. A. Mall, and C. Schultz. “Protease FRET Reporters Targeting Neutrophil Extracellular Traps.” Journal of the American Chemical Society 2020, 142 (48), 20299-20305. DOI: 10.1021/jacs.0c08130 *These authors contributed equally as first authors.
  • M. Hagner, D. L. Frey, M. Guerra, A. S. Dittrich, V. S. Halls, S. Wege, F.J.F. Herth, C. Schultz, M. A. Mall. “New method for rapid and dynamic quantification of elastase activity on sputum neutrophils in patients with cystic fibrosis lung disease.” European Respiratory Journal Apr 2020, 55 (4) 1902355. DOI: 10.1183/13993003.02355-2019.
  • D.L. Frey, A.S. Dittrich, I. Kühbandner, A. Halavatyi, M. Hagner, M. Guerra, S. Wege, V.S. Halls, F. Herth, C. Schultz, M.A. Mall. “P219 Small-molecule FRET flow cytometry: a novel technique to monitor surface-associated protease activity in cystic fibrosis.” Journal of Cystic Fibrosis, Volume 18, Supplement 1, 2019, S119. DOI: 10.1016/S1569-1993(19)30512-0.
  • C. S. Lentz, J. M. Sattler, M. Fendler, S. Gottwalt, V. S. Halls, S. Strassel, S. Arriens, J. S. Hannam, S. Specht, M. Famulok, A.-K. Mueller, A. Hoerauf, K. M. Pfarr. “In vitro activity of wALADin-benzimidazoles against different life-cycle stages of Plasmodium parasites.” Antimicrob Agents Ch, 2015, 59, 654-658. DOI: 10.1128/AAC.02383-14.
  • C. S. Lentz, V. S. Halls, J. S. Hannam, S. Strassel, S. H. Lawrence, E. K. Jaffe, M. Famulok, A. Hoerauf, and K. M. Pfarr. “wALADin Benzimidazoles Differentially Modulate the Function of Porphobilinogen Synthase Orthologs.”, J Med Chem, 2014, 57, 2498-2510. DOI: 10.1021/jm401785n.
  • C. S. Lentz,* V. Halls,* J. S. Hannam, B. Niebel, U. Strübing, G. Mayer, A. Hoerauf, M. Famulok, and K. M. Pfarr, “A selective inhibitor of Heme biosynthesis in endosymbiotic bacteria elicits antifilarial activity in vitro.”, Chem  Biol 2013, 20, 177-187. DOI: 10.1016/j.chembiol.2012.11.009. *These authors contributed equally to this work


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