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Sue A. Aicher Ph.D.

  • (503) 418-2550
    • Professor of Physiology and Pharmacology School of Medicine
    • Director, Shared Instrumentation Program
    • Neuroscience Graduate Program School of Medicine
    • Graduate Program in Biomedical Sciences School of Medicine

Dr. Aicher has a long-standing interest in primary afferent sensory systems and how sensory information leads to physiological and behavioral changes in the organism.  She has done extensive work using various histological methods and is recongized for her anatomical studies of neural circuits.  Her training in psychology and behavior informs her approach to seeking understanding of how neural circuits modulate behavior.    The lab focuses on the cellular mechanism underlying normal and pathophysiological functions in pain and autonomic reflex pathways, as well as neural substrates of addiction.  These studies use a variety of techniques including tract tracing, dual labeling immunocytochemistry, electron microscopy, optical densitometry, behavioral and physiological measurements, and single neuron activity in the brain.  Dr. Aicher also collaborates extensively with colleagues at OHSU within the Physiology and Pharmacology department, across the campus, across the Columbia River, the US and in Australia. 


  • Ph.D., University of Iowa, Iowa City Iowa United States 1989

Memberships and associations

  • Editorial Board, The Journal of Comparative Neurology


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