Steffani Bailey, Ph.D.

  • Research Assistant Professor of Family Medicine, School of Medicine


Steffani Bailey's primary research is in cardiovascular disease prevention, with a focus on the treatment of nicotine dependence. She is particularly interested in developing effective smoking cessation services in primary care settings that provide services to underserved populations. Her previous research includes studying the initiation of smoking in college freshmen, conducting lab-based studies designed to examine craving processes, and directing randomized clinical trials to examine the efficacy of extended treatment for smoking cessation in both adolescents and adults.

Dr. Bailey completed an NHLBI-funded T32 postdoctoral fellowship at the Stanford Prevention Research Center focused on cardiovascular disease prevention, with a concentration in the prevention and treatment of nicotine dependence. She received the National Institutes of Health (NIH) Clinical Research Loan Repayment Award and two renewals funded through the National Institute on Drug Abuse. She has published in peer-reviewed journals, and has been a reviewer for federal and regional grant applications and manuscript submissions. Dr. Bailey has been a Research Assistant Professor in the Department of Family Medicine since 2012. She is a PI on a K23 award funded by the National Institute on Drug Abuse focused on Meaningful Use of EHRs and the treatment of smoking in Federally-Qualified Health Centers. Dr. Bailey has been a co-investigator on multiple studies at OHSU, many that have subgroups focused on smoking cessation in primary care settings.

Areas of Research Keywords:

Treatment of Nicotine Dependence, Access to Smoking Cessation Services, Health Disparities, Cardiovascular Disease Prevention.



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