Steele Heaven Valenzuela

  • Biostatistician, Family Medicine, School of Medicine


Steele diligently spends his time managing electronic healthcare record (EHR) data by the millions. When he's not coding in the statistical computer language R, he's assisting Principal Investigators by applying statistical methods to their research studies, which has included studies in clinician burnout, heart disease, healthcare utilization, medical education, and cancer screening tools, to name a few. Steele's passions and interests lie in Medicaid and health insurance for those whom are poor and underserved, bridging the research gap between his statistical work and non-quantitative researchers, and Native/indigenous health. In his free time, he enjoys working out with kettlebells, playing ping pong, and baking or cooking. Ask him about chili and cinnamon rolls.


  • B.S., 2013, Creighton University
  • M.S., 2016, University of Massachusetts Amherst

Areas of interest

  • Electronic Health Records
  • Medicaid
  • Burnout



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