Headshot photo of Selim Sevim, M.D.

Selim Sevim, M.D.

  • Assistant Scientist, CEDAR, OHSU Knight Cancer Institute, School of Medicine


Selim Sevim joins CEDAR as an Associate Scientist after almost five years working at Ankara University, Medicine Faculty, where he did his pathology residency and got his specialization as a pathologist. During his residency, Selim Sevim received intensive training about macroscopy and microscopy of all tissues. He is interested in lung, prostate, breast, endocrine pathology, the digitalization of pathology, 3D examination of tissues and artificial intelligence studies. His pathology thesis investigated whether tumoral and non-tumoral areas in the lung tissue could be separated by micro-computed tomography, using paraffin blocks, without hematoxylin and eosin. At CEDAR Selim will focus on histopathological correlates of tissues and to help artificial intelligence and pathology intersect on a common basis. He enjoys reading Viking mythology, watching movies and sports, and hanging out with friends. Selim is enthusiastic to join CEDAR and believes that his training and motivation would allow him to be helpful in advancing CEDARs mission.



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