Pengxiao Zang

  • PhD student, Biomedical Engineering, School of Medicine
  • Casey Eye Institute, School of Medicine


Pengxiao Zang is a PhD student in the Biomedical Engineering Department at OHSU. He earned his master’s degree in Electronics and Communication Engineering from Shandong Normal University in 2017. His research interests are image processing and machine learning algorithm for the Optical Coherence Tomography related images.


Selected publications

  • Zang P, Liu G, Zhang M, Dongye C, Wang J, Pechauer AD, Hwang TS, Wilson DJ, Huang D, Li D, Jia Y. Automated motion correction using parallel-strip registration for wide-field en face OCT angiogram. Biomedical Optics Express. 2016 Jul 1;7(7):2823-36.
  • Zang P, Liu G, Zhang M, Wang J, Hwang TS, Wilson DJ, Huang D, Li D, Jia Y*. Automated 3D registration and volume rebuilding for wide-field angiographic and structural optical coherence tomography.  J Biomed Optics, 2017;22(2):026001
  • Zang P, Gao SS, Hwang TS, Flaxel CJ, Wilson DJ, Morrison JC, Huang D, Li D, Jia Y.  Automated boundary detection of the optic disc and layer segmentation of the peripapillary retina in volumetric structural and angiographic optical coherence tomography.  Biomed Opt Express 2017;8:1306-1318.
  • Zang P, Wang J, Hormel T, Liu L, Huang D, Jia Y*. Automated segmentation of peripapillary retinal boundaries in OCT combining a convolutional neural network and a multi-weights graph search. Biomed. Opt. Express 2019; 10(8):4340-4352.


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