Ozgun Babur, Ph.D.

  • Research Assistant Professor of Computational Biology Program, School of Medicine


Ozgun Babur, Ph.D., is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Molecular and Medical Genetics, and in the Computational Biology Program. He is inventing statistical and integrative systems biology approaches for modeling cellular signaling in the context of diseases and normal biology.

Areas of interest

  • Cell signaling
  • Proteomics
  • Other -omics
  • Pathway informatics and visualization
  • Systems biology
  • Statistical methods


Selected publications

  • Manning, H., O'roak, B.J. and Babur, Ö., 2019. Mutually exclusive autism mutations point to the circadian clock and PI3K signaling pathways. BioRxiv, p.653527.
  • Babur, Ö., Ngo, A.T., Rigg, R.A., Pang, J., Rub, Z.T., Buchanan, A.E., Mitrugno, A., David, L.L., McCarty, O.J., Demir, E. and Aslan, J.E., 2018. Platelet procoagulant phenotype is modulated by a p38-MK2 axis that regulates RTN4/Nogo proximal to the endoplasmic reticulum: utility of pathway analysis. American Journal of Physiology-Cell Physiology314(5), pp.C603-C615.
  • Valenzuela-Escárcega, M.A., Babur, Ö., Hahn-Powell, G., Bell, D., Hicks, T., Noriega-Atala, E., Wang, X., Surdeanu, M., Demir, E. and Morrison, C.T., 2018. Large-scale automated machine reading discovers new cancer-driving mechanisms. Database2018.
  • Babur, Ö., Luna, A., Korkut, A., Durupinar, F., Siper, M.C., Dogrusoz, U., Aslan, J.E., Sander, C. and Demir, E., 2018. Causal interactions from proteomic profiles: molecular data meets pathway knowledge. BioRxiv, p.258855.
  • Babur, Ö., Gönen, M., Aksoy, B.A., Schultz, N., Ciriello, G., Sander, C. and Demir, E., 2015. Systematic identification of cancer driving signaling pathways based on mutual exclusivity of genomic alterations. Genome Biology16(1), p.45.
  • Babur, Ö., Dogrusoz, U., Çak?r, M., Aksoy, B.A., Schultz, N., Sander, C. and Demir, E., 2014. Integrating biological pathways and genomic profiles with ChiBE 2. BMC Genomics15(1), p.642.
  • Demir, E., Babur, Ö., Rodchenkov, I., Aksoy, B.A., Fukuda, K.I., Gross, B., Sümer, O.S., Bader, G.D. and Sander, C., 2013. Using biological pathway data with Paxtools. PLoS Computational Biology9(9), p.e1003194.
  • Babur, Ö., Aksoy, B.A., Rodchenkov, I., Sümer, S.O., Sander, C. and Demir, E., 2013. Pattern search in BioPAX models. Bioinformatics30(1), pp.139-140.
  • Babur, Ö., Demir, E., Gönen, M., Sander, C. and Dogrusoz, U., 2010. Discovering modulators of gene expression. Nucleic Acids Research38(17), pp.5648-5656.
  • Babur, O., Dogrusoz, U., Demir, E. and Sander, C., 2009. ChiBE: interactive visualization and manipulation of BioPAX pathway models. Bioinformatics26(3), pp.429-431.


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