Nikita Sehgal, M.S.

  • Graduate Student, CEDAR, OHSU Knight Cancer Institute, School of Medicine


Nikita Sehgal has joined CEDAR as a PhD student. She has a Masters in Biotechnology from India and has come to the US with the aim to contribute her bit to advance the early detection and treatment of cancerAt CEDAR, Nikita will work on developing stimuli-responsive biomaterials for application in the modeling and detection of early-stage breast cancer. Nikita aims to positively impact cancer patients' lives by taking her research out of the lab to the hospitals/clinics. Outside of work, she loves exploring the outdoors, doing adventure activities, implementing better ways to make life more organized, cooking healthy meals, and listening to podcasts which stimulate thinking capabilities. Nikita is excited to be a part of a highly motivated team of researchers dedicated to solving problems in the biological realm. She believes that her time at OHSU will bestow her with indispensable knowledge, research aptitude, and experiences to explore the Biomedical Engineering domain in depth and her calibers as a research scientist.



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