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Nathan Dieckmann Ph.D.

  • (503) 494-2843
    • Associate Professor School of Nursing
    • Core Faculty Psychiatry, Division of Clinical Psychology School of Medicine

Dr. Dieckmann leads the Statistics Core in the school of nursing. He provides statistical and research design support to faculty and students and teaches statistical methods. Particular areas of interest include structural equation models, longitudinal modeling, psychometrics and meta-analysis. He is also core faculty for the Clinical Psychology program in the department of Psychiatry. 

Dr. Dieckmann also conducts basic and applied research in the decision sciences and risk communication, primarily with colleagues at Decision Research in Eugene, OR. His current work is focused on the development of decision aids, risk assessment tools, and methods for the effective presentation of uncertainty in a variety of domains. Other areas of interest include examining lay perceptions of conflicting health information, expert disagreement, and trust in science more generally.

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Areas of interest

  • Statistics; Judgment and Decision making; Risk Communication; Science communication


  • Ph.D., University of Oregon. 2007


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